• "ReportBuilder PRO's Designer allowed us to customize the program to our specific needs. Running ReportBuilder Pro's full reporting solution in our Citrix environment, has allowed us to increase accessibility, enhance security, and has improved our ability to scale our business."

    • C.M. – Colliers International
  • "ReportBuilder PRO is an invaluable data collection and report writing tool that has brought our office into the 21st Century! I really like the way Report Builder has enabled us to standardize our appraisal reports while still allowing us the flexibility to customize and generate reports that are unique to our firm. The program makes it easy to keep our database current and as a result our WORD and EXCEL documents are always up to date with the most current information available. The ReportBuilder PRO technical support staff has also been so wonderful in assisting us by providing both on-site as well as computer conferencing training in a timely and professional manner. It's very reassuring to know that no matter what question I may have, the answer is always just a quick phone call away!"

    • AM - Beckmann Appraisals, Inc.
  • "The primary benefit to the ReportBuilder PRO program is the design feature of their ReportBuilder PRO's Designer, which allows you to customize the layout and overall appearance of the data input tabs. The logic feature included in ReportBuilder PRO's Designer is also useful, allowing you to create your own logic to automatically populate data fields with just the click of a mouse. Their technical support team is always helpful, and the program works very well in a "cloud" and "Citrix environment."

    • B. Stamps - Real Estate Matrix, LLC
  • "Rally purchased the ReportBuilder PRO reporting software because their INcomparable database could be used across our network of offices. The help from their technical support, to incorporate our existing database, was extremely helpful. Although we did not purchase with intent to utilize the full reporting solution, we have greatly enjoyed the INcomparable database features, which allow flexibility when building the lease and sales templates to your specifications. The software is easy to use and I would highly recommend it for any company; especially a company having multiple office locations."

    • D.P. - Rally Appraisal, LLC
  • "I really like the "flexibility" the software has to offer. The possibilities are endless! I love their technical support. They are always there with an answer I can understand."

    • T.L.C - Oxtal Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

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