Custom Designed Modules

ReportBuilder PRO software includes a well designed commercial appraisal reporting format for all of the major property types, as well as the individual comparable write ups that essentially allows for plug and play use. However, report formats are a very personal issue with many firms preferring to retain their existing report formats.

ReportBuilder products were designed for flexibility of use and allow the user to easily create, design and change both the input screens and final reporting formats. This flexibility is one of the key attributes that sets our product apart from our competitors.

Our company recognized that there is no standardized report format in the commercial real estate appraisal industry which creates software development obstacles. Unlike our competitors who only provide locked down report templates, the ReportBuilder PRO Designer empowers the user to easily design and modify not only the input screens for ease of use, but more importantly the comparables and reporting format to meet the user's own specific needs. Appraisal firms are generally not willing to change their business practice by having to use someone else's locked down report format and generally forgo the adoption of technology solutions solely due to this reason. The ReportBuilder PRO Designer empowers the user to retain their existing report format yet benefit from the automation process.

We also provide the flexibility for you to do the designing work in-house or alternatively use our design partner,
Creative Computer Concepts to do the work for you and deliver a complete turnkey solution.

Here are just some of the enhanced features that Creative Computer Concepts can offer to your company:

  • Offers what other reporting and database solutions do not – 100% total flexibility to personalize and fully customize your report templates, workbooks, calculations and data bases.
  • Customize the layout of your database input screens
  • Ability to add, change or remove data fields
  • Create logic statements for your analytics
  • Test your design changes before applying them
  • Ease of Use
  • Simple to use bookmark manger
  • Ability to add customized database
  • Ability to add sections within the master database

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