Full Narrative Reporting Solutions

Reportbuilder PRO is the most powerful and flexible solution available in the Commercial Real Estate appraisal industry that allows you to fully automate your appraisal processes. This software will change how you write and develop reports by eliminating the need to cut and paste, clone old reports and search for old information.

Today's competitive business environment demands increased efficiency and a product that is accurate, timely and professional looking.. Additionally, data transmission is becoming more of a lender requirement, which will require a reporting solution like ReportBuilder Pro.

Reportbuilder PRO provides a complete report writing solution that benefits the users, regardless of your firm's size and/or budget. The software was designed for and is used by some of the larger national firms yet is flexible and easily adaptable for smaller scale use.

Reportbuilder PRO technology stores your data, images, maps and other documents by utilizing the very latest in Microsoft™ Systems technology (MSSQL, .NET and Microsoft Office™ applications including Word™ and Excel™), and seamlessly merges the information into either pre-designed or fully customized commercial real estate reporting templates. The end result is consistency of product, enhanced efficiency and faster assignment completion times.

Reportbuilder PRO is the top commercial appraisal report writing software on the market. Our software will greatly enhance productivity and allow you to remain competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace.

There is only one question that remains.

How are you going to spend your extra free time after implementing Reportbuilder Pro into your existing business?

Whether you use the complete ReportBuilder Pro appraisal software package, the stand alone INcomparable Database or the Appraisal Review solution product, your business will achieve enhanced productivity, shorter delivery times and a more consistent work product.