The company that brought you the most powerful and flexible reporting solution available in the commercial real estate appraisal industry, now brings you the stand alone INcomparable Database. Our comps database can easily integrate with the full ReportBuilder PRO Appraisal Reporting software and/or your existing word processing software.

The INcomparable Database standardizes your comparable data and increases your report writing efficiency. Quickly search and scan your inventory of sales, rents, leases and expense comps. Search by a wide variety of options allowing you to focus on the data most important to your assignment. Automatically integrate the INcomparable Data into one of the most powerful analytical adjustment grids and summary tables to assist you with your indicated values, saving time and effort.

ReportBuilder PRO technology stores your data, images, maps and other documents by utilizing the very latest in Microsoft™Systems technology (MSSQL, .NET and Microsoft Office™ applications including Word™ and Excel™), and seamlessly merges the information into customized or pre-designed commercial real estate comparables templates.

The software allows the user the option of using the prepackaged report templates for the most common property types or allows custom template modification in order for you to retain your existing comps format. The end result is consistency of product, enhanced efficiency and faster assignment completion times.

Our INcomparable Database allows the user to store all the relevant information about a single property within a single record.

  • Basic Subject Property Information
  • General Property Information
  • Sales and Lease Data
  • Financial Data
  • Photos and Maps
  • Improvements
  • Operating Data
  • Unit Information
  • Expense Information
  • (for use as expense comps)

The INcomparable Database includes a professional comps template for all 13 major property types

  • Agricultural
  • Assembly/Meeting Place
  • Health Care
  • Industrial
  • Land
  • Lodging & Hospitality
  • Multi-Family
  • Office
  • Retail-Commercial
  • Senior Housing
  • Shopping Center
  • Special Purpose
  • Sports & Entertainment

The INcomparable Database includes one of the most powerfully analytical adjustment grids and summary tables to assist you with your indicated values:

  • Price per square foot
  • Price per unit
  • Price per acre
  • Cap Rates
  • Effective Gross Income Multiplier
  • Net Income Multiplier
  • Expense Ratios
  • Many more database calculations

The INcomparable Database

is priced for easy entry into the software and is always upgradeable to the full ReportBuilder PRO Appraisal Reporting solution.

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