Template Conversion

We recognize that your organization may not be utilizing all of the rich features and functionality that ReportBuilder PRO Software offers. Creative Computer Concepts now offers implementation and custom template conversion services, as well as business process management consulting to ReportBuilder PRO clients. Their service will allow you to continue to focus on your appraisal business while their team of SQL database engineers, Microsoft Office experts and their customer support team reverse engineer and integrate your existing data & reports into the ReportBuilder PRO software.

If you are considering becoming a ReportBuilder PRO customer and are you looking for an IT partner that can assist you with installation, design deployment and training for your complex appraisal office environment, Creative Computer Concepts can assist?

For over 10 years, Creative Computer Concepts has offered these services to other ReportBuilder customers and to the nation's leading appraisal service companies. They have customized templates, designed databases and complex Excel workbooks to meet the evolving requirements of the appraisal industry, including condemnation, tax and mixed property workbooks that all operate seamlessly with the ReportBuilder products.

Here are just some of the enhanced features that Creative Computer Concepts can offer to your company:

  • Customized Main Report Template Conversion
  • Specialized Database Design and development
  • Database Modification
  • Data Migration to Report Builder Databases
  • Comparable Property Formats Design
  • Data Migration to Report Builder Databases
  • Customized Management Reporting Solutions
  • Training (On Site And Virtual )
  • Integration Of Outside Data Sources
  • On-going Support Services
  • Software Installation and Deployment
  • Cloud Based Database Deployment

ReportBuilder PRO & Creative Computer Concepts – the complete solution for your appraisal needs.

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